Avoid the 7 deadly sins of gas detection

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C011068 Charger Interface Software and Communication Kit, excluding PSU

Enables data download, calibration and instrument configuration. Kit includes Portables PC software, charger interface and RS232 PC lead (if reqd add RS232-USB convertor, C02097). Use existing charger PSU or select from voltage options (eg E01546 for EU 230V PSU).

C011149 T3 universal charger

Wall, desk or vehicle storage compartment mounting, holds T3 firmly for charging. With multiregion mains PSU (UK, EU, NA and Australian plugs included).

T3 Gas Tester

Wall mount gas test solution for CH4, O2, CO, H2S & CO2 configured T3s

  • GT-T3-01 Enquire

  • GT-T3-02 Enquire

    T3 Gas Tester Kit 2: T3 Gas Tester Kit 1 plus fixed flow regulator

  • GT-T3-03 Enquire

    T3 Gas Tester Kit 3: T3 Gas Tester Kit 2 plus gas cylinder holder

5 way multi-charger

To allow charging of five Tetra 3 units at once. Supplied with 90-260V inline power supply. Select lead option.

  • C011039 Enquire

    With UK mains lead.

  • C011046 Enquire

    With US mains lead.

  • C011047 Enquire

    With EUR mains lead.

C01952 Harness plate

Enables detector to be worn using the shoulder strap or chest harness straps.

C01843 Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap - use with harness plate or leather carry case.

C011054 Leather Carry Case

Enables unit to be worn either on a belt or with a shoulder strap.

C011055 External Dust Filter

For use in high dust environments such as steel plants.

C03363 Tetra3 Hard Shell Carry Case

To house T3 and charger.

C011062 Gas Test Kit

Includes Crowmag, regulator, hose, flow plate.

AC0310 T3 Gas Tester inlet tubing, 1m

For use with T3 Gas Tester. Includes tube insert.

REG001 T3 Gas Tester fixed flow regulator

0.5l/min fixed flow regulator with on/off switch for use with T3 Gas Tester.

AC0510 T3 Gas Tester cylinder holder

Cylinder holder (wall mount) for 34l to 110l cylinders, for use with T3 Gas Tester