Training – the vital ingredient

Gas detection is a critical safety function in many industries, to protect people from harm and avoid costly plant disruption or damage. Not only must you use a suitable instrument for the task and the environment, but it must be used correctly and maintained properly if it is to fully serve its purpose.

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World Water Day 2015

With World Water Day upon us on March 22nd, we are reminded of its importance and how water links to all areas of life, from personal health through to commercial use. Clean water, and the ability to treat it, is essential to maintaining and improving life. So how do we do our bit to help? Continue reading “World Water Day 2015”

Carbon monoxide alarms now mandatory

As a founding member of CoGDEM (the Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring), we are really pleased that the Communities Minister, Penny Mordaunt, has made it mandatory for private landlords to install smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in rented properties.

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Minimising Exposure

The key to reducing risk – spend less time exposed to hazards! Technological advances, driven by increasing safety awareness, are providing opportunities to reduce detector maintenance and therefore also reduce the amount of time operators must spend handling detectors and transmitters in hazardous areas.

Andy, Crowcon’s Senior Product Manager, has reviewed the benefits that these developments bring.

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