Crowcon - Detecting Gas Saving Lives

Why Crowcon Connect

Crowcon Connect is the only connected safety software that works on existing Crowcon portable detectors.

Crowcon Connect is developed in-house enabling bespoke solutions for any customer, anywhere.

Compatible with new or existing Crowcon devices


The Gasman full function personal single gas monitor is compact and lightweight yet is fully ruggedised for the toughest of industrial environments.

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T4 and T4x

Portable 4 gas detector provides protection against 4 common gas hazards: carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, flammable gases and oxygen depletion.

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Tetra 3

Compact, robust and easy-to-use diffusion based detector. A favourite in the market amongst those working in demanding industrial environments

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Gas Pro

A confined space entry monitoring solution for workers and fleet managers, and is now supported by the I-Test bump test and calibration station.

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New user experience

Taking control of your data
Keeping track of your safety
Connecting you with your device

Key features

  • Customisable dashboards and reports
  • Actionable insights & report
  • Asset Management and safety Insight Reports across multiple sites
Starting from £24 per year, per device.
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ROI Calculator

Calculate your investment
Total number of devices
Cost of replacing lost and damaged devices and excess fleet
Cost of issuing / returning devices
Cost of rescheduled visits because gas detectors not working
Cost of reporting gas-safety compliance

Case Studies

Crowcon Connect Streamlines and Improves Rental Fleet Management for Contronix
A Background in Previous Partnerships Contronix is an Austrian company that specialises in both portable and fixed gas detection systems; ...
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Managing Personal Gas Detection in Power Stations
Power stations generate many gas hazards, so gas monitoring to a standard that complies with regulations is crucial. Read how ...
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Ensuring Gas Detection and Compliance in the Delivery of Carbonated Drinks
The Need for Gas Detection While it is probably best known as an ingredient in fun and indulgent drinks, CO2 ...
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does Crowcon Connect work?

    Crowcon Connect is a gas safety and compliance insight solution that utilises a flexible cloud data service offering actionable insight from detector fleet. For more information on Connect please watch the introductory video.

  • What type of accessories is required for Crowcon Connect?

    A wired or Bluetooth charging station is the only accessory required to connect to Crowcon Connect app. Read more in our implementation guide.

  • How does Connect help me manage my fleet of detectors?

    Crowcon Connect provides a top level view of device utilisation with dashboard showing proportion of devices that are Assigned or Unassigned to an operator, for the specific region or area selected. Fleet Insights provides overview of devices switch on/off, synced or in alarm.

  • Can I plan maintenance schedule of detectors using Connect?

    Definitely. Crowcon Connect Calibration Due Report allows users to plan/schedule detector maintenance and calibration events by device Region/ Area or Operator and due date.

  • What is quick user assignment and would it work with my existing RFID tag?

    Connect quick user assignment allows uses to be quickly assigned to a detector docked based on availability. During the initial setup, users and detectors can be pre-populated, as well as having the capacity to add and archive users and detectors as changes are required. This provides the link between alarm events and user exposure, and takes the hassle out of manually records.

  • Is my data secure?

    Absolutely. Crowcon’s data solution is standalone and does not interact with any incumbent systems. Read more in our IT security FAQ.