Designed to meet with industrial requirements, the SMART3G-D3 is capable of monitoring toxic and flammable contents in areas classified as zone 2. The device also has optional Modbus communication support, non-intrusive calibration and a 4-digit display with 5 mode status LEDs.



The SMART 3G-D3 is a SIL2 certified fixed gas detector ideal for  a variety of industrial applications, capable of monitoring toxic, flammable and refrigerant gases in harsh environments and classified areas.

Non-intrusive calibration

Ideal in harsh environments, the SMART3G-D3 features non-intrusive calibration for an accurate and easy adjustment via Hall-effect switches, without opening the instrument.

Modbus communication

The SMART3G-D3 has an optional RS485 interface for Modbus communication.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and ATEX Zone 2 approval

The SMART3G-D3 is SIL2 hardware and SIL3 software; with a redundant system also the hardware is SIL3. The detector is also approved for use in areas classified as ATEX Zone 2.


with catalytic sensor with electrochemical sensor with infrared sensor
Size H106 x W160 x D81 mm (4.2 x 6.3 x 3.2ins)
Weight 1.21kg
Enclosure material Aluminum
Ingress Protection IP55 (certification pending)
Connection 1 x M20
Power 12-24 Vdc
Display 7-segment display
Electrical output Analogue 4-20 mA output; 3 relays; serial RS485 output (optional)
Operating temperature -40 / +60°C -30 / +50°C -40 / +60°C
Humidity 0 / 90% RH 15 / 90% RH non condensing 0 / 90% RH
Functional safety SIL2 hardware and SIL3 software
Approvals EMC, ATEX (certification pending)


Sensor type
Ammonia (NH3) Electrochemical sensor
Butane (C₄H₁₀) Infrared sensor
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Infrared sensor
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Electrochemical sensor
Hydrogen (H2) Electrochemical sensor
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Electrochemical sensor
LPG Infrared sensor
Methane (CH₄) Infrared sensor
Nitric Oxide (NO) Electrochemical sensor
Oxygen (O2) Electrochemical sensor
Propane (C₃H₈) Infrared sensor
RNH3 Electrochemical sensor


Sensor type
R32 Infrared sensor
R134A Infrared sensor
SF6 Infrared sensor
R125 Infrared sensor
R1234YF Infrared sensor
R1234ZE Infrared sensor
R404A Infrared sensor
R407A Infrared sensor
R407F Infrared sensor
R449A Infrared sensor
R507 Infrared sensor
R410A Infrared sensor
R417A Infrared sensor
R448 Infrared sensor