Crowcon - Detecting Gas Saving Lives


Instructions for use:

1. Download the relevant software using the appropriate link below (Do not open at this stage).
2. Unzip the contents to an appropriate folder location on your PC.
3. Install from the unzipped file (use the “Autorun” menu if it exists).

Open Access software

Note: Some functionality with these versions of software requires an upgrade license:

Portables Pro 2
For use with T4 & Gas-Pro (Version
Portables-Pro 2 User Manual (Issue 2 – Oct 2015)
For use with IRMAX only
For use with XgardIQ only
Panels-Pro 2
For use with Gasmaster, Vortex & Gasmonitor+ (Version
Technical Note PAN001 Panels Pro Configurations and Vortex Voting
Sensitron Multiscan++ PC Configuration Software (1.8.16)
For use with Multiscan ++ Series (8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256), Multiscan ++ Park Series (16, 32, 64, 128 and 256) and PL4 + D.

The following software does not require a license:

I-Test Manager
For use with I-Test only (CD Image V5 – Software Version
I-Test Sensor Files Update (March 2021 & September 2021)
I-TEST (Gas-Pro & T4) Sensor Files (August 2022)
I-TEST (Gas-Pro) Sensor Files (August 2022)
I-TEST (T4) Sensor Files (August 2022)
Clip SGD IR Link
PC Software
For use with Clip SGD IR Link only (Version 1.7.1)
Clip SGD IR Link USB Driver
Clip SGD Docking Station
For use with Clip SGD docking station only (Version 1.2.5)
Laser Methane
Gasviewer (Android App)
For use with LaserMethane mini only (Version 1.0.2)
MPS Cal Period
For use with any certified portable device with a MPS sensor only (Version 1.0)
ATEN (UC232A) USB to Serial Adapter - Windows 11 Driver
Windows Device Driver required for the Adapter to work correctly.

For other product software such as for PortablesPC for Tetra 3, Gasman, TriplePlus+ etc. please contact us.

Crowcon Connect

Crowcon Connect PC App
Crowcon Connect PC App (Ver 2.7.12) (07/03/2024)
Microsoft .NET 6 Desktop Runtime (If required)
ATEN (UC232A) USB to Serial Adapter - Windows 11 Driver (If required)

Sprint-Pro, Sprint eVo & Sprint V software

Sprint-Pro USB
Sprint-Pro USB software (Anton) (Ver 1.1.130)

For use with 'Sprint V', 'Sprint eVo' & 'Sprint-Pro' Flue Gas Analysers.
Sprint Pro App - Android
Sprint Pro App for Android devices.

LaserMethane Smart software

LM Smart mobile app
For use with the 'LaserMethane Smart' portable gas detector.