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Remote methane detection - new free download

31 January 2017

Methane leaks are a serious safety concern in many industries.
Monitoring from a safe distance would be a significant advantage – but how? Laser Methane mini from Crowcon detects leaks at a distance of up to 30 meters (almost 100 ft). It’s lightweight and compact, and ensures operators can stay well clear of any hazards.

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Monitoring closed premises or confined spaces for methane gas leaks is a key application for Laser Methane mini. The operator can remain at a safe distance from possible dangerous leaks, as well as making the detection process faster and easier than conventional detectors.

The LMm uses laser absorption spectroscopy to measure methane density and presents the readings in numerical and graphical formats on a clear backlit display. It also includes a separate LED alarm indicator and louder audible notification. On start-up, it performs a self check which maintains the accuracy of the readings whilst also eliminating the need for external calibration.

The LMm is ATEX-approved for use in explosive environments and can detect methane at a distance of up to 30m in standard mode, or 100m with a reflector. Weighing just 600 gram, the LMm is both compact and lightweight and features automatic ranging and a battery life of five hours.

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