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23 March 2022
Connected safety – Fleet Health Monitoring for Multi-Site Fleets 

As you are no doubt aware, most gas detectors require periodic maintenance and testing, if their owners are to comply with gas safety regulations and keep their workforce safe. As you are also no doubt aware, some organisations have large numbers of gas detectors (often referred to as a fleet or fleets of devices) and keeping track of the maintenance requirements for each and every one of these can be a major headache. If the business operates from multiple sites, and especially if gas monitors move between those sites, this problem is greatly magnified. 

What is Fleet Health Monitoring? 

Many companies still manage their device fleets manually, using spreadsheets to track the location, status and calibration schedule of each detector. This is repetitive and often tedious work that takes staff away from more productive tasks. Manual management is also, frankly, inefficient. It may just about suffice for basic elements like tracking which device is where (although even that becomes cumbersome when very large numbers are involved). But when managers also need to know which devices are out of battery so cannot be used on the next shift, and which ones are showing signs of wear and tear (and they should know these things) then the data becomes too overwhelming for manual methods to handle. 

In these circumstances, it is all too easy for devices to go missing or for somebody to arrive on shift and find that the detector allocated to them is out of battery. The good news is that now, connected safety initiatives such as cloud software applications can remove these problems entirely and make fleet device management much more straightforward and efficient, even across multiple sites. 

How does it work and what are the requirements? 

Cloud software applications for gas detector fleets, such as Crowcon Connect, automatically transfer and process the gas data from gas detectors, and store it securely in the cloud in useful formats. This data includes not just exposure information, readings and times, but also more detailed information about the way in which devices are used (i.e., the extent of compliance with regulations) and who was using the device at each point (it is very easy to associate a specific user with a specific device in Crowcon Connect, for example, even if that device is part of a fleet or pool).  

Crowcon Connect can also be tailored to suit the specific requirements of a business or site, and authorised users can access the dashboard from any location, at any time. All you need is a connected device (including mobile devices; many people use their smartphones or tablets). Access can also be restricted by fleet or team, to maintain privacy where required. 

What are the benefits? 

Crowcon Connect has a user-friendly dashboard that displays user information, alarm and exposure data, device locations, dates when calibration/maintenance is due, user information and a host of other data, all in an easy-to-use format. It gives managers a panoramic view of the entire fleet, regardless of where each devices is located or has been used, and that information can be used to make safety, compliance and productivity gains and identify areas for improvement.  

This type of cloud software can also drive up safety standards, because now managers can see at a glance which devices are out of battery and cannot be used in the next shift, and/or which require maintenance. That maintenance and calibration can also be planned in ways that minimise downtime, because the dashboard lets users see the relevant dates in advance. 

What is more, because the data is collected automatically, the risk of human error is eliminated and Crowcon Connect can deliver trustworthy, complete documents that are ready for use in any compliance or safety audit.  

Want to find out more? Click here to read more about Crowcon’s own cloud software solution. 


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