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24 October 2022
Our Partnership with Hans Buch A/S
Georgia Pratt
Marketing Executive

Providing the full package from sale to maintenance is crucial for service providers. Combining this with marked experience, product knowledge and expertise, ensures customers are provided safe, reliable and suitable equipment.


Hans Buch A/S is an engineering and trading company located in Albertslund in Denmark. With more than 100 years in the industry, Hans Buch A/S are specialised in preparing the highest knowledge and the most optimal solutions in areas such as instrumentation, Meteorology, Data measurement and data collection, Air quality and Gas detection. Over many years, Hans Buch A/S have established a wealth of specialist knowledge in their core areas as well as a wide product range with leading suppliers. All this combined enables Hans Buch A/S to always prepare the sharpest solutions for their customers.

Views on Gas Detection

Gas detection is recognised as a piece of equipment that is required for safety and is a crucial and potential lifesaving piece of equipment for those who work in hazardous environments. Therefore, supplying the right solution for the job plus the understanding in how to use the equipment correct is an essential part of the dialog with Hans Buch A/S when buying.

In addition to selling lifesaving equipment, Hans Buch A/S provide information on the importance of regular maintenance and calibration of the equipment.

Working with Crowcon

Hans Buch A/S has worked with Gas detection for 20 years and began working with Crowcon in 2016. A 6-year partnership with continuous growth has allowed Hans Buch A/S to supply and meet their customer’s needs for gas detection in various sectors. “Crowcon supply to many industries, with variety of detectors and gas ranges, presenting themselves at the forefront of the industry when it comes to technology, quality and ease of use. Excellent technical support and sales support is crucial when challenges arise or when special demands allow us to provide new developments to meet customer’s needs.” Through our training academy, Hans Buch Service engineers are certified to calibrate and service Crowcon equipment.

For more information visit Hans Buch A/S or email.

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