Crowcon - Detecting Gas Saving Lives
21 March 2022
Our Partnership with Hitma 
Georgia Pratt
Marketing Executive


Originally founded by the French company Pont-à-Mousson, Hitma is an independent subsidiary of the Swedish holding Indutrade a group of more than 150 companies in 25 countries, offering high-quality international technology and industrial products. Hitma supply technical components and systems including gas detection products to industrial sectors such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food industries. In addition, to the supply they also have specialised service teams, who service both on-shore and off-shore. Although Hitma started through the sale of sewerage and manhole covers, moving to other products like instrumentation, filtration products and gas detection after the second World War, over these 96 years of trading, the Hitma department ‘Gasdetectie’ now specialise in detection of flammable and toxic gas. Providing their customers with the high-quality equipment and expert technical advice is at the front of the organisation. 

Views on Gas Detection 

With more responsibilities being given to employers and larger companies to ensure workers are kept as safe as possible in the workplace, ensuring the correct equipment is provided and maintained is at the forefront of Health and Safety Officers responsibilities. Hitma view gas detection as equipment that is work safe in order to prevent hazards for those working and surrounding hazardous areas. Hitma work by providing their customers with the knowledge, expertise and advise in order to keep them safe when using gas detection products. 

Working with Crowcon  

Through the combination of knowledge, expertise and advise, our partnership has allowed for the understanding of gas detection and its importance in certain industries, to ensure their customers to get the correct equipment for their industry. Now the introduction of our fixed detectors as of 2020, will allow Hitma to reach new markets and sectors. “Crowcon are a trusted brand who have filled the gap in our business in a variety of sectors as well as enhancing our knowledge, expertise and advise for current and future customers.”  

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