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21 December 2016
Tori’s time at Crowcon

We introduced Tori, the Halma Graduate working with our marketing team, in a previous post.

After completing projects in operations at Diba Industries Inc. in Danbury, CT, USA, and product management at FFE Ltd. in Hitchin, UK, Tori chose to come to Crowcon for her marketing placement. Below, Tori describes why she made that choice and the experiences she has had while working here.

“As a chemical engineer I have no background in any aspect of marketing, so I when I decided to do a project in marketing I wanted to be at a company that had a team with expertise that I could learn from. Crowcon’s Marketing Director Alison Smith and Strategic Industry Manager Louise Early are viewed as the marketing experts within Halma. The project they offered me was interesting and challenging: to research the Asia Pacific region and develop a three-year strategy for the area. When combined with the opportunity to learn from Alison and Louise, the choice to come here for my marketing rotation was an easy one.”

“Working at Crowcon has been a fantastic experience. I have learned more than I would have thought possible about strategic marketing, including techniques for assessing competition, researching relevant legislation in foreign countries, and assessing industries for opportunities. Some of the most valuable skills I’ll take with me are those that enabled me to create a cohesive strategy and present it to the Board of Directors. I was able to join a member of the sales team on potential customer visits and learned the value of solving a customer’s problem rather than selling a product. During my orientation week I was given the opportunity to work with the production team, which helped me learn more about not only the products that Crowcon makes but also the culture of the business. Crowcon is a fun and sociable place, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and work with the people here. Everything I’ve experienced at Crowcon has not only helped me complete this project, but will be tools I can use in my future career.”

“The most valuable part of my experience here, however, has been getting to know and learn from Alison and Louise. They gave me the freedom to learn on my own, and provided a solid support system when I needed it. I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity, and I can’t believe my time here is ending so soon.”

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