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27 March 2015
Training – the vital ingredient

Gas detection is a critical safety function in many industries, to protect people from harm and avoid costly plant disruption or damage. Not only must you use a suitable instrument for the task and the environment, but it must be used correctly and maintained properly if it is to fully serve its purpose.

Training is a vital aspect both of the safe use and proper maintenance of detection equipment which can be overlooked. As an absolute minimum, personnel should have a basic understand of the nature of any likely gas hazards, and how to minimise their chance of encountering the hazard or how to react if they do. Personal gas monitors have displays which provide information to the wearer about the immediate surrounding. The wearer must understand the information it provides (including the various alarm level setting) how to access it and how to respond under all likely gas-hazard scenarios.

Bump testing and calibration must be carried out properly and at suitable intervals to be sure equipment is in good working order.  Similarly the task of full servicing and maintenance this life-saving equipment, is not one to leave to someone who has not received the service training. This work must be conducted by someone who understands the equipment and how to ensure its safe operation in hazardous environments.

As part of our commitment to gas detection training, Crowcon offers training at various levels. Internally, we have the Crowcon Gas Academy, where all staff receive training on areas of gas detection suitable to their function. We also work with our service partners, and others servicing their own fleets, to ensure that they can fully support any of their customers using Crowcon equipment.

We recently held one such training event in Dubai. We were joined by 22 service engineers from UAE, Saudi, Iraq, Oman & Yemen for four days of training on various aspects of product knowledge, as well as installation, service, repair, and calibration.

The effectiveness of any gas detection equipment is can be impaired if it is not used or maintained correctly. Without effective training, the protection of personnel is always going to be undermined.

If you are interested in gas detection training, please speak to you local Crowcon area manager or email ( and someone will contact you for details.

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