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21 April 2023
Xgard Type 3: The mV Advantage

Xgard Type 3 is the ideal solution for detecting lighter-than-air flammable gases such as methane and hydrogen. Detectors in such applications usually have to be mounted high-up in roof spaces or above equipment where access for calibration and maintenance is  likely to present problems.

Gas detectors require calibration (usually every six months) and sensors may need to be replaced every 3-5 years. These activities usually require direct access to the detector to make adjustments and replace parts. National regulations such as the ‘UK Work at Height Regulations 2005’ stipulate safe working practices when working on equipment at height, and compliance usually requires the use of scaffolding or mobile ‘cherry pickers’ which entails significant cost and disruption on-site.

The advantage of mV pellistor type detectors

The terms ‘mV’ and ‘4-20mA’ describe the type of signal which is transmitted through the cable between the gas detector and the control system (for example a Crowcon Gasmaster). Calibration of  4-20mA detector (e.g. Xgard Type 5) entails removing the lid, and zeroing/calibrating the amplifier using a meter, test-points and potentiometers. Even more sophisticated detectors with a display and non-intrusive calibration still require direct access to operate the menu system using a magnet in order to perform calibration.

Xgard Type 3 is a mV pellistor-based detector which has no internal electronics (i.e. no amplifier); just terminals to connect via three wires to the control system (e.g. Gasmaster). Commissioning simply entails measuring the ‘head voltage’ at the detector terminals, and performing zero and calibration adjustments at the Gasmaster input module. Ongoing 6-monthly calibrations are then performed by remotely applying gas (via a ‘spray deflector’ or ‘collector cone’ accessory), and any necessary adjustments are made at ground level via the control system input module.

Hence once commissioned, mV pellistor type detectors do not need to be accessed until the sensor needs replacing; usually 3-5 years after installation. The routine need for expensive access equipment; scaffolding or cherry-pickers in thus avoided.

Xgard Type 3 can be directly connected to Gasmaster and Gasmonitor systems, and to Vortex via an ‘Accessory Enclosure’ accessory which converts the mV signals to 4-20mA.

Remote calibration of a mV pellistor type detector
Remote calibration of a mV pellistor type detector.

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