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A Thailand Food Company

A leading Thailand based food additive company, has chosen Crowcon as its preferred supplier and the Xgard Bright gas detection solution to protect its employees from the risk of flammable gas across their multiple sites across Thailand.

The company manufactures a wide range of food products, including seasonings, processed foods and beverages, and is seen as a socially responsible manufacturer as it maximises food resources and recycles process waste to produce fertilizer.

Its five plants, which are located across Thailand, underwent refurbishments in 2018 which resulted in a complete overhaul of its gas detection requirements.

As part of production process, local vegetables such as sugar cane and tapioca are boiled and fermented to release glutamic acid. The acid is further refined and crystallised to form mono sodium glutamate crystals. During the production process, heat and steam is required and LPG fuel is used throughout the plant to power boilers and other equipment.

The high-pressure boilers that are used must have LPG detectors around the plant to enable the detection of LPG leaks, particularly in the boiler house. Any leak in this area would cause a plant shut-down, resulting in valuable production loss, particularly as the plant runs 24/7.

The working environment is sterile with little toxic gas present but by using LPG to fire the boilers, there was a flammable gas hazard.

The Requirement

The company’s existing detection system did not meet their requirements, which included the need for local support as they experienced long lead-time for spares. The Crowcon solution provided local service support which enabled a quick service and maintenance turnaround and accessibility of spare parts.

In addition, the incumbent detector had a small footprint, so Crowcon’s detector needed to fit onto the existing installation as specified by the customer.  They did not want to incur additional cost in mounting brackets and sunshade. Xgard Bright fitted onto this installation with minimal modification, saving the customer money and time.

Crowcon’s distributor in Thailand was able to address all the company’s pain points.

The Approach

Crowcon’s local distributor chose the Xgard Bright gas detection solutions as the ideal option.  Xgard Bright has a small footprint and so able to retrofit to existing installations, it includes an OLED display which allows users to view gas readings easily, especially when installed in hard to reach places and provides display and relay output.

With its ability to detect both flammable and toxic gases, as well as oxygen monitoring and being quick and easy to operate and install; Xgard Bright was the clear choice.

The Outcome

The company was delighted with Xgard Bright’s performance; not only for its functionality and reliability but also it now has the peace of mind of having a detection solution that is verified and trustworthy, they are reducing the chances of false alarms which occur through faulty or inadequate products.

Downtime when detectors are under service was a critically important factor for this company as the plant cannot run without detectors in working condition. Reducing downtime became a significant factor in its decision to selection Crowcon.

In summary, the company was so impressed with Crowcon distributor’s competence that they recommended Crowcon as their preferred gas detector vendor in all its five manufacturing sites throughout Thailand.

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