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Crowcon Clip

Crowcon Clip Offer

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Crowcon Clip & Bump Gas Spray product packs - Special Price £121 each

Minimum order quantity of 12. This can be spread across product pack variants.

Part number Gas; alarm level Qty
H2S; 2/5ppm
H2S; 5/10ppm
H2S; 10/15ppm
CO; 25/50ppm
CO; 30/100ppm
CO; 35/50ppm
O2; 19/23.5%
O2; 19.5/23.5%
Order Total £

Terms and Conditions

1. Minimum order of 12 applies for each Crowcon Clip plus Bump Spray Gas product pack; 
2. Minimum £250 order;
3. Expires 31st March 2015; 
4. Offer restricted to UK;
5. Offer not available in conjunction with other offers from Crowcon; 
6. Prices stated exclude VAT and delivery; Normal Crowcon terms and conditions apply, in addition.

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