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Gas safety and compliance insight solution.

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Gas safety insights from your entire detector fleet

Improve operational efficiency and safety compliance by gleaning actionable insight from your entire portable gas detector fleet with Crowcon Connect,

Request access to our online interactive demo to see, touch and explore some of the key features of the Crowcon Connect solution for yourself including:

  • “At-a-glance” gas safety reporting dashboards
  • Alarm and fault log tracking
  • Calibration and maintenance records and flags
  • Device log investigations
  • User administration
  • Device allocation and reporting

and lots more.

Don’t worry, there are prompts throughout the demo to help guide you and ensure you can truly experience the key benefits and features of the solution.

Explore your own virtual tour of Crowcon Connect, the complete gas safety and compliance insight solution for your portable gas detectors.

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Ensure compliance, improve efficiency and enhance safety levels

Crowcon Connect provides business-critical safety, operational and maintenance insights, seamlessly syncing and interpreting information from your gas detectors for your analysis and action.

Fleetwide visibility

  • Data from across your gas detector fleet is presented on easy to interpret dashboards. At-a-glance, users can see fleet utilisation, alarm events and upcoming maintenance requirements.
  • Filters can be applied to review information by region, division or team with the ability to fast-track to the detail.

Asset management

  • Solve your maintenance scheduling issues by using the powerful fleetwide reporting tools to review calibration due dates in advance.
  • Efficiency levels can be monitored to ensure you have the right number of detectors in your fleet. This is easily done by reviewing detector utilisation on the dashboard.

Never miss an alarm

  • The solution dashboard highlights recent alarm events from your detectors, giving users a quick and easy way to access the underlying details.
  • Automated notifications to line managers ensure alarm events don’t go unnoticed.

Link users to their gas detectors

  • Easily link between alarm events and user exposure with transparent insights on who, where and when the detectors were in use.
  • Crowcon Connect also offers the ability to add and archive users and detectors as changes are required.