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Sensor Selection for Flammable Gases

In most circumstances, with correct maintenance, pellistors are a reliable, cost-effective means of monitoring for flammable levels of hydrocarbons.  In some cases, they are the technology of choice. 

However, there are a number of circumstances under which this technology can be fallible so should not be relied upon. Here, infrared (IR) technology should be considered instead, especially in the Oil and Gas Industrial application.

  • Pellistors are susceptible to poisoning or inhibition by some compounds.  This leaves worker on their shift unprotected.  IR sensors are not susceptible so significantly enhance safety in this circumstance.
  • Exposure to gas concentrations can cause “sooting” of pellistors, reducing their sensitivity.
  • Pellistors require oxygen to function.  However, IR sensors can be relied on in applications such as fuel storage tanks, flush with inert gas prior to maintenance

Gas-Pro IR Highlights:

  • Fail-safe IR technology
  • Robust and easy to use single button operation
  • Accessible top mount display
  • Dual colour visual alarm bars plus 95db audible alarm

The Gas-Pro IR now completes Gas-Pro range and gives greater flexibility for sensor selection in a 5-gas multigas detector.

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