Sensor Selection for Flammable Gases

Choosing the most suitable sensor can be a challenge.

You must decide whether a pellistor or a sensor system is the most suitable for your industry and requirements:

  • Pellistors
    • Are susceptible to poisoning or inhibition by some compounds which would leave workers unprotected
    • Exposure to gas concentrations can cause sooting of pellistors, reducing their sensitivity
    • Require oxygen to function
  • IR Sensors
    • Are not susceptible to poisoning or inhibition so significantly enhance safety in these circumstances
    • Can be relied on in applications such as fuel storage tanks, flush with inert gas prior to maintenance

Gas-Pro IR Highlights:

  • Fail-safe IR technology
  • Robust and easy to use single button operation
  • Accessible top mount display
  • Dual colour visual alarm bars plus 95db audible alarm

The Gas-Pro IR now completes our Gas-Pro range and provides greater flexibility for sensor selection in a five-gas multi-gas detector.

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