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VOCs: Not all Gas Detectors are Created Equal

There are many different technologies used for monitoring and detecting VOCs in the working environment but, for personal detectors, the choice narrows to just two: pellistors or photo-ionisation detection (PID).

PID technology is superior to pellistor sensors, which cannot detect low-level VOCs:

  • PID VOC sensors are more sensitive than pellistor sensors because they detect levels as low as a few parts per million (ppm) compared to the pellistor sensor's lower sensitivity limit of parts per hundred.
  • PID sensors can detect a broader range of VOCs than pellistor sensors.
  • PID sensors are immune to the degradation in sensitivity which can affect pellistor sensors even if low levels of silicone, lead, sulphur or phosphates are present

Gas-Pro PID Highlights:

  • Monitors VOCs in concentrations as low as a few parts-per-million
  • Robust and easy to use single button operation
  • Accessible top mount display
  • Dual colour visual alarm bars plus 95db audible alarm

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