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How safe is safe? Understanding VOC safety thresholds

Increased awareness of the toxicity of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has led to lowered exposure limits.

These tend to be significantly below the alarm levels set for personal gas detectors monitoring for an explosive hazard.

Employees in the oil and petrochemical industries are particularly at risk as VOCs can be present in confined spaces as well as throughout many working environments.

The White Paper produced by Crowcon, ‘VOCs - a very real danger’, outlines the key facts that employers need to understand to protect employees from the lower safety thresholds for VOCs.

Gas-Pro PID - five gas monitor with
Photo ionisation detection technology

The challenge for employers is to ensure that the personal gas detectors used by their employees can protect them from the immediate risk of explosion or fatal toxicity, as well as from the longer-term risk of chronic toxicity caused by intermittent exposure to low levels of VOCs over time.

In addition, Crowcon has integrated photo-ionisation detection (PID) technology into the new Gas-Pro PID multigas detector. This ensures that employers can be confident that they are protecting employees across the full spectrum of hazardous concentrations of VOCs.

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