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Gasman - Don't die from CO2 poisoning

Carbon dioxide (CO2) occurs widely in the drinks industry. It has the potential to kill, but not everyone is aware of the true nature of the risk.

"Reliance on oxygen alarms to monitor the presence of carbon dioxide has previously led to fatalities."

This toxic gas can make you unwell at concentrations as low as 0.5%, and extended periods of low level exposure can have severe consequences. Even 7% of CO2 has been shown to kill in 5 minutes. To ensure safety, correct use of a CO2 personal monitor is essential.

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Introducing the Gasman CO2 - market leading personal single gas monitor

The compact, lightweight Gasman is simple to fasten securely to clothing and can be comfortably worn for an entire 8-hour shift.

Featuring simple single button operation, it has a large easy-to-read display showing local environmental levels of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Gasman guards against the short term and long term exposure of the wearer, as well as exposure to peak levels, which require immediate evacuation. The combination of audible, visual and vibrating alarms ensures the wearer will not miss an alarm, even if wearing ear defenders.

The unit reduces the costs of ownership compared to some competitors because the IR-technology based sensor has a longer life expectancy.

The robust construction of the Gasman makes it suitable for the toughest of industrial environments. The rechargeable battery provides 3000 alarm minute capacity, plenty for an 8-hour shift.

Gasman Features:

  • Infra-red carbon dioxide sensor 
  • Ultra lightweight – just 85g 
  • Display options:
    • Peak –  highest concentration encountered
    • Time weighted average (TWA) – exposure over an 8-hour shift
  • Triple warning
  • Loud 95dBA audible alarm
  • Dual colour visual alarm, red/blue twin flashing LEDs
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Rechargeable battery with a 3000 alarm minute capacity

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