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Reliable Protection: Low Levels of VOCs Pose High Risks

The Gas-Pro PID multigas detector monitors up to five specific gases including VOCs, which are detected in concentrations as low as a few parts-per-million using Crowcon's proprietary PID correction factor.

In addition to extreme reliability and sensitivity, the Gas-Pro PID multigas detector is robust and easy to use. An accessible top-mount display enables your employees to make fast and informed decisions about potential VOC hazards in their working environment.

The dual-colour visual alarm bars are supplemented by a 95db audible alarm which ensures that the worker is alerted to a potentially hazardous concentration.

Single-button operation means that employees can use the Gas-Pro PID multigas detector with minimal training, whilst bump test, calibration reminders and Q-Test help to ensure continued compliance to safety regulations.

Gas-Pro PID Highlights:

  • Monitors VOCs in concentrations as low as a few parts-per-million
  • Robust and easy to use single button operation
  • Accessible top mount display
  • Dual colour visual alarm bars plus 95db audible alarm

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