Do you have a specific requirement for a refrigeration gas detector?

We are seeing enquiries from the refrigeration market, both from manufacturers of units as well as installers and service teams. We have developed a solution in China and in a bid to understand the requirement from a global perspective, we would like to ask for you input. Have you seen a requirement? What was the application, the customer type and the refrigerant gas in question?

To help us collate this so that we can decide whether to progress with a solution, we want to gather the following information:

  • Industry and Application
  • User type (manufacturing, installation, service)
  • Certifications required
  • Refrigerant gas types
  • Specifications to match (including competitor product links if relevant)
  • Price point
  • What’s needed that no one else provides?

Do you have a specific requirement for refrigeration gas detector in Crowcon’s range?

Send your responses with key information relevant to your customer needs here.