Addressable Controllers




There are 3 addressable gas detection controller options, all with identical functionality but with different channel input capabilities.

  • GM16: 1-16 Channel inputs
  • GM64: 1-64 Channel inputs
  • GM128: 1-128 Channel inputs

All available as 19” rack mounted, with enclosure options available for GM16 & GM64.

All of our addressable gas detection controllers are modular, so the controller can be configured exactly to requirements. Only include what is needed for the application to reduce complexity and cost.


  • LCD display provides simultaneous visibility for all live channel readings and alarm functions in system setup (up to 64 input variables)
  • 4-20ma analog & RS-485 Modbus communications as standard, as well as HART compatible enabled communications.
  • Direct to web page live feed communication for remote viewing and acknowledgement actions
  • Flexible configuration options allow ability to name controller, name zones, set alarm & relay setpoints
  • Ability to group channels into zoned areas


  • Main data screen – Displays all active channel on same screen. Cells indicate alarm status by colour
  • Bar graph screen – Display 16 channels at a time, side scroll bar for clear coloured indicator for focused channel alarm status
  • 24-hour trend screen – Review 24-hour gas monitor trend for single channel at a time
  • 3-minute trend screen – Review most recent 30-minute trend for single channel at a time
  • Zone screen – Display up to 8 active zones on single screen. Individual channel within zone visibility


Large Enclosure

Enclosure materialFibreglass
Dimensions612.4mm x 687.3mm x 241.6mm (24.11 x 27.06 x 9.51 inches)
Weight25 Kg (55lbs)
Ingress ProtectionNEMA 4X

Small Enclosure

Enclosure materialFibreglass
Dimensions406.4mm x 334.3mm x 215.9mm (16.00 x 13.16 x 8.50 inches)
Weight7.7 Kg (17 lbs)
Ingress ProtectionNEMA 4X

Rack19 inch rack mount option also available
PowerTypical power use without detector heads is 20 to 50 Watts
Electrical Output4-20mA 2 wire current sink

4-20mA 3 wire current source

RS-485 Modbus RTU

Relays 5 Amp 30 Volt

RJ45 network connection

Operating Temperature-20 to + 50 degrees C
Humidity0 to 90% non-condensing
Repeatability and driftDigital channels – no controller variability

Analog channels – <1% FSD change over a 1 year period

ApprovalsMay be used in a non-hazardous area as part of an intrinsically safe system.
EMC complianceCE marked