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Maximum number of gases detected

Maximum number of target gas types the product can detect.

Minimum product weight

This represents the minimum weight of the product. Check the product specifications for variations depending on sensor type and additional built in functionality, such as pumps.

Standard battery life

The standard operating life of the unit based on a full charge. If charged for a shorter time period the operating time may be reduced. Check product specifications for further details.

Single use

Non rechargeable, maintenance free products with up to 2 years life (dependent on alarm hours). Products may have replaceable batteries and can be re-used. See product specifications for details.

Ingress protection level

The IP rating system provides a means of classifying the degrees of protection from dust and water afforded by electrical equipment and enclosures (BS EN60529).
IP65 – Totally protected against dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction.
IP66 – Totally protected against dust ingress and high pressure water jets from any direction
IP67 – Totally protected against dust ingress and short periods of immersion in water.

Pre-entry check function

An automated pre-entry check which guides users through the three specific functions of any pre-entry check (sample, review and purge) for a confined space application.

Optional internal sampling pump

This product can have an optional electric pump built in for sampling functionality.

Hazardous area certification level

Can be used in hazardous zone 0 (ATEX, IECEx and INMETRO) as well as 1 and 2. For further details view our page on Equipment safety approvals and standards.