Meet the team: National Account Manager – Richard Canham

If I look back to the start of my working career the gas detection industry could not have been a more improbable destination. I’m a qualified optician. I quickly discovered that I hated the sedate; mundane profession and needed to utilise my strengths to build a career.

I moved to New York where I worked as a beverage manager for a prestigious country club for 2 and a half years. I t was here that I met my future wife (I did make her wait 14 years before actually making it official).

After returning to South Africa I dove headlong into sales. It seemed instinctual, natural, easy! I put this down to it being a hereditary gift. My dad could as they say: “sell ice to an Eskimo” and get a recurring order on contract to go with it.

After a few career changing moves into the oil and gas industry and Continuous improvement I took an exciting step into the National Account Manager role with Crowcon and made the big move from South Africa to the UK. Joining in April 2019.

I’ve always considered myself to be a rebel of sorts—a disruptor, someone who likes to push to new limits. I consider myself very active and push myself to reach ambitious goals. I like to maintain a fast pace, and you have little patience for things that stand in the way of progress.

Sitting still is agonizing.

I have a strong need for variety, thus I am eager to seize new opportunities.

I’m never, ever satisfied with the status quo.

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my disruptive nature. Impatiently devouring knowledge while working across various countries, companies and functions has enabled me to refine my business and sales skills.

I am extremely competitive and really, really like to win!

Outside of work my drivers are my wife Charmaine, my Boston Terriers Chelsea and Frankie and my love of bodybuilding.

In April this year I conquered some of my own demons and got up on stage and competed for the first time, I came a frustrating 2nd but I have realised I want to compete again!

In fact, April was a massive month for me, I competed, I got married, I moved to the UK and I started with Crowcon.

I’m looking forward to building a successful career with Crowcon and working closely with all our clients / partners.