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ADNOC chose Crowcon Clip SGD

Key Facts:

Features of Clip SGD include:

  • Two year battery life
  • Compact and lightweight
  • IP66 and IP67 Tested
  • Docking station for bump testing and calibration
  • Clip SGD docking station

The Clip SGD, a product by Crowcon has been chosen by ADNOC Group, and its seven companies, as the preferred fixed life H2S gas detector.

The Crowcon Clip SGD has been designed for use in hazardous environments, offering reliable and durable fixed life monitoring even in the hardest industrial working conditions. Made to withstand these areas; industry-leading alarm time, changeable alarm levels, event logging, user-friendly bump test and calibration solutions, the Crowcon Clip SGD has been developed to meet requirements across a range of industries.

The Clip SGD has become ADNOC’s top choice for both technical and commercial purposes, meaning Crowcon expect to supply 18,000 devices to the company over the course of the agreed three year deal.

The compact, lightweight, and maintenance-free product range, which is fully supported by a portable docking station, allows bump testing and calibration of Clip SGD units in the field. With bump testing becoming increasingly prevalent in the market, it is important to ensure that sensors are responding to a known concentration of gas. Bump testing is believed to be the best method to verify that the monitor has not been compromised.

Made with a total two year battery life, the Clip SGD carries its own gas cylinder and rechargeable battery capable of carrying out up to 1000 bumps without recharging.

Crowcon’s IP66 and IP67 tested Clip SGD device is used on a simple to use multi-unit station, this provides fleet or safety managers the ability to update configurations on large fleets, as well as maintain all-important event logs that are part of company requirements and procedures.


  • Crowcon’s Clip SGD is ADNOC’S preferred fixed life H2S gas detector.
  • Clip SGD portable docking station allows bump testing and calibration.
  • This device will appeal to fleet or safety managers, allowing the opportunity to update configurations on large fleets and maintain event logs.

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