Crowcon - Detecting Gas Saving Lives
Crowcon keeping health workers and patients safe at the frontline of Covid19

Health chiefs have warned hospitals of increased risks of “combustion” on wards caused by more ventilators being used to treat covid-19 patients.

According to guidance sent to hospital estates teams by NHS England and NHS Improvement earlier this week, the density of ventilators could “enrich” the air with oxygen, which increases the “combustion risk”.

Trusts have been ordered to carry out regular monitoring of “potentially exposed rooms” to “ensure oxygen enrichment is controlled”.

The Crowcon team rose to the challenge this week after being contacted by one of the hospitals in the UK preparing to increase intensive care facilities. Jumping into action, the manufacture of 30 portable O2 detectors was prioritised by the Crowcon team, ensuring the fastest possible delivery.

Need to know more about the risks? Take a look here.

We’re proud that Crowcon equipment is being used to in the fight against COVID 19.

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