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Crowcon launches a new sensor for their T4

Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd have extended their sensor technology for their popular T4 Multi-Gas detector. With its new MPS™ and LLO2 sensors, along with a dual toxic sensor, the capability of the T4 (now T4x) portable gas detector has been greatly extended. 

Gas sensor technology hasn’t kept up with demands of improved safety, reduced environmental impact or lower cost of ownership, resulting in detectors that are not multi-purpose, have increased maintenance costs and impact the environment. Our reliable and dependable portable T4 gas monitor, now with the industry leading sensor technologies that your applications demand. 

Data from the Health and Safety Executive reporting a total of 142 workers being killed at work in the United Kingdom in the year 2020/21 with a total increase of 29 from the previous year. These figures pinpoint the requirement for an increase in safety levels as well as ensuring the compliance within this industry is maintained like never before.  

T4x helps operations teams focus on more value adding tasks by reducing the number of sensor replacements by 75% and increasing sensor reliability. Through ensuring compliance across site T4x helps health and safety managers by eliminating the need to ensure each device is calibrated for the relevant flammable gas as it accurately detects over 15 at once. Being poison resistant and with battery life doubled, operators are more likely to never be without a device.​ T4x reduces the 5-year total cost of ownership by over 25% and saves 12g of lead per detector which makes it much easier to recycle at the end of its life, and better for the planet​.  

Why the T4x? 

Overall, through the combination of three sensors (including two new sensor technologies) within an already popular portable multi-gas detector. Crowcon allowed for the enhancement of safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of individual units and entire fleets. The new T4x offers longer life with a higher accuracy for gas hazard detection whilst providing a more sustainable build than ever before.  

For more information about T4x visit the Crowcon website 

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