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Crowcon launches FGard IR3 flame detector: for use when false alarms are not an option

FGard IR3

Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd has launched a new multi-spectrum IR flame detector that identifies hydrocarbon liquid fuel and gas fires from long distances and uses the latest IR flame detection algorithms to maximise its immunity to false alarms. In independent testing, the FGard IR3 detected a hydrocarbon fuel pan fire of 0.1m2 in less than 5 seconds, from a distance of 60 metres (around 200 feet). This, along with its explosion-proof build, intelligent heated optics (which ensure operation in harsh conditions) and advanced optical verification, makes the FGard IR3 flame detector ideal for high-risk industries that need fast, efficient and reliable flame detection. Most suitable for and offshore energy processing, green energy production, aviation and aerospace, petrochemical, civil engineering and power generation applications.

Build to withstand tough conditions

As an IR3 flame detector, the FGard IR3 uses multiple infrared (IR) wavelength bands to isolate and identify hydrocarbon flame from the inevitable background radiation ‘noise’. This makes it very accurate and unlikely to trigger a false alarm. However, while conventional IR3 detectors are often susceptible to ‘blinding’ by surface water (especially on the detector window) and can be compromised by other environmental conditions, the FGard IR3 has been engineered to overcome these problems.

The FGard I3 has microprocessor-controlled heated optics, which ensure continuous performance even in snow and ice, and eliminate condensation and water contamination. The unit is explosion-proof and can be tested from a distance with a long-range flame simulator, making maintenance easier than for many conventional detectors.

The FGard IR3 verifies its own optics, conducting an automatic test to verify the cleanliness of its lens and electronic circuitry. It has no reflector, which removes the need for any reflector optical check and further reduces the risk of false alarms. The FGard IR3 also has adjustable sensitivity levels, to ensure flexibility across applications and the elimination of cross-voting between detectors, and international hazardous area approvals (FM/ATEX/IEC Ex/INMETRO/PESO). The full specification is given in the datasheet, which you can download by clicking here.

Superior performance

‘With its use of the latest IR flame detection algorithms, self-monitoring and heated optics and exceptionally robust design and build, the FGard IR3 brings superior reliability and performance to the dangerous environments that need it most,’ explains Ayudh Datta, Product Manager.

For more information on the FGard IR3 flame detector, please download the datasheet and read the product description.

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