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Crowcon releases five new configurations for Xgard Bright addressable gas detector

 Key facts:

  • Five new configurations in both pellistor and IR format increase the flexibility of Xgard Bright
  • Fast and easy configuration, with no need to change the detector head, reduces time spent in hazardous conditions
  • Xgard Bright is a one stop solution for multiple gas hazards, supported by ongoing sensor development and release


Xgard Bright gas detectionCrowcon has released five new gas configurations for use with Crowcon’s fixed-head, addressable Xgard Bright gas detector. Now, users can add pellistor sensors for pentane (0–100%), hydrogen (0–100%) and LPG (0–100%) to their gas detection systems. Two IR sensors for CO2 (0–5%), for hazardous and safe areas respectively, have also been launched.

Crowcon’s Xgard Bright uses a single fixed head for the detection of multiple flammable, toxic and oxygen gases. The sensor releases mark a new phase in the product’s development which, as Crowcon’s Fixed Product Manager Will Allum explains, is driven by industrial need. ‘We developed Xgard Bright in response to demand for a mid-price, fixed head detector that can detect multiple gases in diverse settings and environments. Considering that, it is important for us to provide benefits and features that continually improve operators’ experiences and reduce exposure to hazards. Our ongoing development of sensors is part of the process,’ he says.

In line with this commitment, integration and configuration of the new sensors with Xgard Bright’s existing fixed head is quick and easy. This minimises the time spent in hazardous conditions and reduces downtime.

Xgard Bright – a one stop solution

Because Xgard Bright monitors multiple gas hazards through a single fixed head, there is no need for additional systems, and Xgard Bright provides many additional practical benefits. Its four-wire addressability allows installers to loop detector heads together; this greatly reduces cabling requirements, installation time and labour costs. Communication is via any standard industrial methods, and Xgard Bright can be retrofitted to existing set ups, as well as new installations that include comms. It is incredibly easy to use, calibrate and maintain, thanks to a clear OLED display window and external keys, meets all key industry requirements and complies with established safety parameters.

Crowcon’s Xgard Bright is a one stop solution for the detection of flammable, toxic and oxygen gases. We are happy to announce this new phase of gas releases for the Xgard Bright, since these sensors are likely to be used in new applications and industries. Over time we will release even more sensors, allowing even more sectors to benefit from this flexible and practical detector.’ William Allum, Product Manager.

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