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Crowcon to Attend BevExpo 2022

Crowcon are excited to be appearing at  BevExpo 2022 at Manchester Central Convention Complex on the 7th and 8th of June. As a silver sponsor of the event, the Crowcon team will be exhibiting at Stand 10-11 and hosting an informative workshop to spread awareness about the dangers involved in the distribution of carbonated drinks.  

BevExpo22 is an opportunity for the beverage industry to gather within the beautifully vaulted arches of one of Manchester’s iconic event spaces, share valuable information, and learn more about the products and services which can enhance the industry’s processes and supply chain.  

Run by the Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Association (BFBi), of which Crowcon are a member, the two-day event will comprise a mixture of networking spaces, workshops and learning centres, alongside showcase areas for services and products. 

Crowcon’s workshop will form a vital part of the education segment of the event, with Debbie Airey, Sales Manager for Europe, and Paul Basham, Principal Scientist, sharing information about the dangers of the carbon dioxide and nitrogen during the process of carbonated drink distribution. The workshop will be interactive and engaging, with a mini ‘Science Fair’ feel to the proceedings, and live experiments illustrating the dangers of gases in small, confined spaces. 

Having worked with a plethora of clients in the food and beverage industry for many years, Crowcon will be sharing our experiences with those who visit the stand and workshop, to advise and inform about the products available that can safeguard teams in the sector.  

There are a range of applications within the beverage industry which can give rise to hazardous gases and substances. These include chemical disinfection, refrigeration facilities, brewing, packaging, transport and dispensing processes, to name a few. 

Secondary drink processing methods that involve fermentation, heating, chilling or dehydration are often the ones in which a variety of dangerous gases can be found. For example, in manufacturing processes that use steam boilers, which are gas-fired (natural gas or LPG), or use a combination of gas and fuel oil, there are risks of combustion due to the presence of methane (CH4), which is piped directly into boilers. 

When LPG is used, which consists mainly of propane (C3H8), an on-site fuel storage tank is used. Whenever flammable gases are used, forced mechanical ventilation must be included in storage areas, in case of leakage. This ventilation is usually triggered by gas detectors that are installed near boilers and in storage rooms. Ensuring teams are properly equipped, whatever area of the beverage sector they are in, is imperative to ensuring the safety of all involved.  

Crowcon products are used extensively in the food and beverage industry. Crowcon offers a range of solutions for flammable and toxic hazards to protect personnel and plant from a range of gas ingestion side effects, as well as from fire and explosion. Crowcon’s gas detectors are rated for use in hazardous and safe areas, and suit different applications. 

Our controllers can be used to trigger audible alarms and visible beacons to alert personnel to a possible gas leak. In addition, output from controllers can be used to alert a central control room or building management system (BMS). 

The full range will all be available to view and get to grips with at Crowcon’s stand at BevExpo22. Whatever application your organisation is seeking to use detection equipment within, or whether it is just an opportunity to explore your options, Crowcon are here to help.

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