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Crowcon to exhibit at ADIPEC 2021 with 3 key products ideal for oil, gas and energy

ADIPEC2022Representatives from Crowcon Detection Instruments will be attending the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), which runs from15 to 18 November 2021. ADIPEC is among the most influential meeting places for oil, gas and energy enterprises and professionals, and Crowcon will be at stand 8532 in the UK Pavilion (Hall 8).

More than 100,000 industry professionals are expected to attend the meeting this year, and Crowcon views the opportunity to engage with them as a key benefit. Ala Ayoub,  Regional Sales Manager for Middle East and India says: ‘ADIPEC is a huge meeting and we appreciate the opportunity to talk with the people who use our products around the world. It allows us to share knowledge face to face, and helps us to develop a detailed understand of what customers need from us.’

This year, Crowcon is highlighting three of its products most relevant to the oil and gas sectors. The company’s celebrated Xgard Bright fixed gas detector is now available with an MPS™ sensor, which detects 19 flammable/toxic gas hazards at once with a single sensor and superb TrueLEL™ accuracy. The MPS™ sensor also resists poisoning, which is hugely important in the challenging and potentially toxic environments that are often encountered in the oil, gas and energy sectors, and can detect hydrogen. Until recently, the limits of detection technology forced energy firms to use pellistor detectors to monitor hydrogen, but pellistors are susceptible to poisoning in harsh conditions. Now, MPS™ offers a viable alternative and Crowcon staff look forward to discussing this with ADIPEC visitors.

The company will also highlight its FGard IR3 flame detector, which is an explosion-proof, multi-spectrum IR flame detector designed for environments where prompt fire detection is essential and false alarms cannot be tolerated. The FGard IR3 has enhanced nuisance alarm immunity, microprocessor-controlled heated optics and keeps working even in harsh conditions.

Finally, Crowcon is keen to share details of a product perfect for the high temperatures of the Middle East, and particularly the challenges of monitoring hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in that extreme heat: the Xgard IQ. The Xgard IQ now comes with a high temperature H2S sensor that is SIL2 certified for an extended temperature range (from −30ºC to +70ºC).

‘We are looking forward to ADIPEC and to sharing knowledge with others working in the gas, oil and energy sectors, and look forward to welcoming many visitors to Stand 8532 in the UK Pavilion,’ says Ala Ayoub,  Regional Sales Manager for Middle East and India.

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