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Crowcon Win Collaboration Award at the EIC Awards 2022 

The Energy Industries Council (EIC)—one of the world’s leading energy trade associations and supplier of world class industry data, events, and insights— celebrated the originality of the energy industry’s global supply chain at the EIC National Awards 2022. 

The 16 awards celebrate excellence of energy supply chain companies in various areas in which the winners were picked from companies that took part in an in-depth survey of the energy industry. Crowcon were the winners of the collaboration award which showcased working with partners to bring your strategy to life.  

Developed by our partners, NevadaNano, Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) sensors represent the new generation of flammable gas detectors. MPS™ can quickly detect over 15 characterised flammable gases at once. This next generation of flammable gas detection solves sensor poisoning, provides TrueLEL multi-gas accuracy, zero calibration required for 5 years, increased battery life and zone 0 in both portable and fixed gas detection solutions. Until recently, anyone who needed to monitor flammable gases had to select either a traditional flammable gas detector containing a pellistor sensor calibrated for a specific gas, or containing an infra-red (IR) sensor which also varies in output according to the flammable gas being measured, and hence needs to be calibrated for each gas.

“It was a fantastic experience to attend the EIC awards, and be presented with the Collaboration award for launching Xgard Bright MPS, targeted towards the energy and energy transition industries. Being the first to launch the innovative MPS technology to the gas detection market required a lot of collaboration within the company, and of course, with our partners, NevadaNano who brought this innovative sensor to the table. Thank you to all those who were involved in the collaboration as well as the EIC for recognising the efforts put in by the team” – Ayudh Datta, Corporate and Business Development Manager.  

“Our collaboration with Nevada Nano, has resulted in a range of products we are very pleased to offer, that we have no doubt will improve safety and safer working conditions for a great many people. Thank you for the recognition from the Energy Industries Council on our collaboration with Nevada Nano and presenting us with their award for collaboration, highlighting our aim to provide a higher standard of safety” – Paul Basham, Principal Scientist. 

For more information on Molecular Property Spectrometer™ sensors visit our solution page or contact our team.

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