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Engineered Fixed Systems – Customised solutions for gas detection challenges

Gas detection is critical to the safety of those who work in dangerous conditions. But what do organisations do, when they need to monitor dangerous gases, the environment means they cannot use standard products or systems?  

Often, the answer is, ‘call Crowcon’s engineered fixed systems (EFS) team’. And now that team is coming to more general public attention, with the launch of a new web space that explains exactly what – and how – this highly experienced team of gas hazard specialists can do to make even the harshest and most challenging environments safe to work in. 

Crowcon’s EFS team designs, engineers, manufactures,  installs and maintains customised solutions for gas detection challenges that cannot be addressed with standard products. The team is long established, but its work is at the cutting edge of modern engineering and crosses multiple operating environments and industrial sectors.  

‘Over the years, we have worked with many customers and in various sectors to design and provide bespoke gas monitoring systems,’ explains Andy Avenell, EFS Team Leader. ‘We have developed a great reputation for our innovative and cost-effective solutions. But we know that many organisations have gas monitoring and detection problems they can’t solve in the usual ways, with the usual products. Before they come to us, our customers may be unsure of what they need, and yet also worry about being sold an expensive product that doesn’t really meet those needs. We can solve pretty much any gas detection problem, and work collaboratively with clients to ensure they are happy with the final product. Our new web area explains what we do and how, and gives people an easy way to reach us.’ 

Crowcon’s EFS team has been building custom-made gas detection systems for many years, and the current team members have over 70 years of experience between them. They work closely with customers in a series of collaborative steps that ensure the customer is involved and happy at every stage of the project. This is important because, as Ayudh Datta explains, ‘our customers work in safety-critical environments where gas monitoring can literally make the difference between life and death.’  

If you would like to find out more about the engineered fixed systems and how the team might help you, you can visit their new landing page by clicking here. That page includes an online contact form and links to several case studies, which show how Crowcon EFS solutions have made potentially lethal environments safe enough for use, in sectors from manufacturing and power generation to scientific research. 

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