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Crowcon enhance their product range to include the LaserMethane Smart 

With increasing global regulation around methane emissions and reporting, Crowcon Detection Instruments Limited have enhanced their product range to include the innovative technology of the LaserMethane Smart, the latest in laser methane detection. 

The technology to measure methane leaks at a distance, uses a laser and camera system to provide a highly capable solution to various gas detection challenges within emission monitoring. It uses an infrared laser beam, where the transmitter and receiver are separated. When methane passes between the two, it absorbs the infrared light, and the beam is disrupted. The device therefore accurately reports the concentration of the methane gas cloud. The device’s reading and camera’s image are overlayed and records the levels at time of inspection, all from a safe distance from the source. The readings can later be used to report on emissions and check that leak mitigation methods are successful either via SD card or on a dedicated online portal. 

Other handheld leak detectors usually detect flammable or explosive gas but in much closer proximity to the hazard and take much longer as it involves more travel to each specific measurement point. This means that traditional hand-held detection methods are inadequate to successfully detect leaks quickly or as safely. 

The LaserMethane Smart is a compact, portable methane gas detector, the latest laser methane device, replacing the now obsolete LaserMethane mini. LaserMethane Smart can detect methane leaks at a distance up to 30m, enabling companies to quickly survey multiple leak risks, and safely, without having to enter a hazardous area. 

For more information about Crowcon’s gas detection solutions, visit our website or contact our team. 

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