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New Video – XgardIQ remote sensor housing improves safety

Standardisation of equipment is a reliable way to improve safety and cut costs. The introduction of the XgardIQ remote assembly means that XgardIQ is now even better as the fixed gas detection solution for your whole site.

Our new video demonstrates how XgardIQ remote sensor assembly increases the flexibility of XgardIQ, as well as improving safety in a number of different ways.

The remote sensor assembly means you can position the gas sensor where gas leaks are most likely to happen, possibly including air ducts, tanks and storage locations. Meanwhile, your XgardIQ transmitter, with its display screen and push-button controls, is located where it is easy and safe to access, up to 15m away.

Sensor recalibration on conventional fixed-point gas detectors usually requires physical disassembly of the transmitter. If your detector is situated in an inaccessible location, this increases the danger. XgardIQ sensor modules can be simply and quickly “hot-swapped” without a hot-work permit, so the time your team is exposed to this elevated risk is minimised. The sensor module is either replaced with a new pre-calibrated replacement module, there and then, or temporarily removed to a safe area for calibration.

XgardIQ is compatible with sensor modules for a variety of gases, including flammable, toxic and oxygen, even when using the remote sensor housing. XgardIQ auto-configures to your sensor module gas type, range, unit and alarm level, the details of which are stored in the smart sensor module.  This removes the need to train to your operatives to use different detectors. Along with its simple functionality, including push button controls, warning and screen messages and easily navigable menu, XgardIQ helps you minimise your site’s training needs while maintaining safety.

In summary, the introduction of the XgardIQ remote assembly makes it even easier to use  XgardIQ  as the fixed gas detection solution for your whole site.

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