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Remote methane detection made easy – new video

Methane leaks are literally explosive situations. How can you monitor from them while staying out of harm’s way? With Crowcon’s lightweight and compact Laser Methane mini, leaks can be detected at a distance of nearly 100 ft, ensuring operators can stay well clear of any hazards.

This new video demonstrates how LMm is used to remotely monitor for methane leaks from above-ground riser pipes, and check valves, fittings and pipes inside pressure regulating stations. LMm is also ideal for monitoring closed premises or confined spaces.

Because the laser beam penetrates transparent surfaces, such as glass, LMm can detect methane through a window. This can remove the need to find whoever has the key or enter a potentially hazardous environment in order to survey for leaks.

LMm is ATEX-approved for use in explosive environments and can detect methane at a distance of up to 100 ft (30m) in standard mode, or 110 yards (100m) with a reflector. Weighing just over 21oz, LMm is both compact and lightweight and features automatic ranging and a battery life of five hours.

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