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Wales & West Utilities

Crowcon supports technology innovation trials, led by Wales & West Utilities, to deliver a gas detection solution that made their methane location activities, safer, and more efficient, reducing time spent detecting gases by 50%.

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A tailor-made – and safety critical – power plant engine solution

Crowcon has for some time provided a leading European power plant manufacturer with components for their engines, which are installed in power plants worldwide. However, in this case the product in question,  a gas engine for use in electricity production, generated some very specific requirements.

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A hybrid EFS solution to monitor ‘sticky’ gases and other hazards at an engine manufacturing and test site

In this case, Crowcon’s EFS team worked closely with the client to develop a customised solution to detect various gas hazards including ‘sticky’ gases at an engine manufacture, test and development site.

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Asia's biggest wastewater treatment plant

Using Xgard with sampling system to monitor malodorous gases for deodorisation in Asia’s biggest wastewater treatment plant

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Taiwanese Energy Company

A large Taiwanese Energy company is using Xgard Bright to protect employees from highly flammable dust and toxic gases.

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Supplying High Temperature H2S Detection in the Middle East

Haven Fire and Safety, a Crowcon distributor, was commissioned by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and its partner firm Total to provide a complete fire and gas system for the Ruwais Diyab unconventional gas concession in Abu Dhabi.

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NWG Bioenergy

NWG Bioenergy turned to Crowcon for help in monitoring methane, oxygen depletion and hydrogen sulphide risks at their Ridge Road site.

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Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), one of the largest engineering and manufacturing businesses in India, uses Crowcon fixed gas detection to alert operatives to the presence of combustible gases in gas turbines.

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Gas Pro TK: Saving lives in a Southeast Asian refinery
Tank Storage

One of Southeast Asia’s largest refineries now specifies Gas-Pro TK detectors to check for combustible gases before workers enter potentially hazardous confined spaces.

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Alliance Steel
Alliance steel case study

Malaysia’s largest steel company chose Crowcon’s Xgard Bright gas detection solution to help protect employees from the risks of carbon monoxide inhalation.

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Major Oil and Gas Company in the Middle East
Oil worker on Oil rig

A major upstream oil and gas company in the Middle East has chosen Crowcon’s Gas-Pro PID portable gas monitors to help protect employees from the risks of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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A Thailand Food Company
Thailand food case study

A leading Thailand based food additive company, has chosen Crowcon as its preferred supplier and the Xgard Bright gas detection solution to protect its employees from the risk of flammable gas across their multiple sites across Thailand.

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Detecting Hydrogen Fluoride in a Singapore Refinery
Singapore refinery

The Singapore refinery has been operating for over 50 years and prides itself as being the largest refinery in Southeast Asia. With two world class manufacturing plants in Singapore’s offshore area, this refinery is a major player in the energy and petrochemical sectors. The plant in Singapore produces fuel for retail, lubricants, aviation, marine and bitumen.

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DB Breweries
Brewery case study

DB Breweries is one of the most well-known companies in New Zealand. Originating in 1929, the business now has a team of over 500 across the country. Crowcon was initially asked to provide a quotation to DB Breweries by the company’s health and safety advisors, a trend which is increasing within the food & beverage industry as the industry is currently upgrading its gas detection policies.

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Lanes Group Plc
Lanes group case study

Lanes Group plc is the UK’s largest independent drainage contractor with over 25 years of service. They are the wastewater solutions provider at the heart of the UK drainage industry. Originating as a 5-person drain cleaning and repair specialist in Leeds in 1992, they now employ over 1900 people.

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NMP Detection in China
Gasmaster gas detection

Crowcon has successfully installed a NMP (N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone) vapour detection system in a Chinese lithium-ion manufacturing plant, using Xgard fixed heads and a Gasmaster controller.

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Omega Control Panel Integration
H2S Gas detection system close up case study

“Crowcon’s standardised product selection process and easy access to technical documentation helps to improve both the productivity of my engineering teams and our customer service.”

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Protecting workers at height
Cooling Towers

In this application note, we look at how Crowcon’s Detective+ area monitor with wireless module is able to protect workers against gas hazards while working at heights.

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Specialty Chemicals
Speciality chemicals case study

Read how one of the world’s largest chemical companies, with over 300 companies worldwide focusing on specialty chemicals, paints and coatings, have chosen Crowcon as their gas detection partner.

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Water Management and Supply
Water Treatment

Crowcon has supplied and actively supports a fleet of over 1600 personal gas monitors for a large water management and supply business in the UK. This fleet comprises portable gas monitors which require regular service and calibration, carried out at designated facilities within the geographic supply territory.

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Water Server and Support
Water support case study

Crowcon has supplied and actively supports a large water company in the North West of England’s fleet of over 1100 personal gas monitors. This fleet includes multi-gas and single-gas units which require regular service and calibration, carried out at designated facilities within their geographic supply territory.

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