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The Sensitron range of products, now available through Crowcon, broadens our fixed product offering and allows us to offer solutions to an even greater number of fixed gas detection requirements. Included in the range are the SMART industrial detectors, all SIL2 software and SIL3 hardware certified. Also featured in the range are fixed detectors specifically designed for applications such as car park monitoring, refrigerants, mining and marine gas detection.

Gas Monitoring in Mines

Ensuring safety from hazardous gases and materials has never been more important than within the harshness of mining environments. With potential hazards from carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4) and oxygen deficiency/enrichment, mining applications are rife with danger. With this in mind those working within them need to be suitably equipped to enter these spaces and work safely.

Keeping you Safe at Sea

Keeping teams in the marine industry safe at sea is something Crowcon are extremely passionate about. This paper is aimed at exploring the dangers and challenges individuals face, and offers resources and solutions that can safeguard crews in this sector from the unpredictability of working upon the waves.

Car Parks are More Dangerous Than you Think

Road vehicles can emit a number of harmful gases through exhaust fumes, the most common being carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Whilst these cause gases are an issue in open air environments, there is particular cause for concern in more confined spaces such as underground and multi-storey car parks.

The importance of Gas Detection in the Marine Industry

There are a number of different gas hazards present in the marine industry, dependant on the type of vessel. These hazards range from flammable gas leaks, confined space hazards and hydrocarbon oxygen risks. Our blog covers the requirement for gas detection in marine applications and the various internationally recognized regulations which impact the industry.

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Gold Mining: What gas detection do I need?

The dangers those working within the mining industry face several potential occupational hazards and diseases, and the possibility of fatal injury. Therefore, understanding the environments and hazards, they may be exposed to is important. Our blog goes into detail on the many gas hazards present in mines and how to ensure workers are protected.

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Crowcon enhances fixed gas detection offering through new partnership with Sensitron S.r.l

Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd are delighted to announce the introduction of a range of Sensitron products to enhance its existing portfolio of fixed gas detection systems and control panels.

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