Portables Pro 2 Data Management

Portables Pro 2 is a powerful PC based software package that opens up a range of additional capability in Crowcon T4 and Gas-Pro, and makes it easy to access and analyse your data.

Summary information at a glance

When connecting a new device, the most important status and configuration information pops up immediately in Portables Pro 2. For each sensor bay, you will see:

  • Which gas sensor is installed, with its sensitivity ranges
  • Alarm level settings
  • When the next bump and calibration gas tests are due
  • How long the sensor has been installed in the detector (T4 only)

Portables Pro 2 also gives a detailed explanation of any fault codes registered in the device.


Usage logging

Easily download and interrogate the data and event information that’s continuously logged in your detector. Filter it to see only the events you are interested in, for example:

  • See when your detectors were powered up, shutdown, bump tested and calibrated
  • Find out when your detectors registered a gas alarm and review the gas level data recorded during the alarm using the intuitive graphical display.


All your calibration reports are archived safely in one place. Finding the report you need is easy thanks to powerful filtering functions.

To access all this great functionality, simply connect Gas-Pro or T4 to Portables Pro 2 with a Crowcon USB communications lead.

More Information

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