Detective Wireless



Detective Wireless uses the proven RICOCHET mesh network. When establishing a mesh network, Detective Wireless automatically selects the best line to give strongest interconnections. Should wireless connection between two devices weaken, the network will ‘self-heal’ and automatically re-route communications via alternate RICOCHET enabled devices, creating a mesh type network that provides a more robust and efficient wireless network.

When Detective+ goes into alarm, the signal will be sent to other units alerting the user to gas being present in the area. If the signal is weak due to heavy metal work being present the Detective Wireless can be used as a repeater to boost the signal between units. In a confined space the unit can use up to 20 metres of cable to position the unit in a location that will increase signal.

Versatile and user friendly

  • Infrared sensors available – allows sampling of highly flammable gas levels and carbon dioxide. They are also unaffected by poisoning and have a very fast response time.
  • Built-in pump option – provides sampling versatility
  • Built-in display – provides clear information and allows identification of gas hazard

Rugged, tripod design

  • Raised sensor apertures – prevents water ingress
  • Folding leg option – allows stacking for easier storage and transportation
  • IP65 specifications – for use in challenging environments
  • Triple leg design – Increases unit physical visibility and is the perfect height to allow 360 gas inlet

Loud and clear alarms

  • 25 Detective NET units or 12 Detective+ with cables can be networked together forming effective perimeter defense – Units on the network can be placed up to 100m from each other and if one alarms, all units on the network alarm.
  • Intelligent and flexible units sending an alarm flash faster – provides guarantee to the use that the unit is functioning properly and they are protected
  • Audible and visual confidence blip
  • Vivid red LED clusters for visual alarm
  • Multiple beacons – ensures 3600 visibility

Set up Scenarios

Mesh Network   Area Monitoring

Repeater network   Confined Space Install

ring network   Ring Network            

Network Hopping   Network Hopping          

Hazardous Area Entrance   Hazardous Area Entrance

Network Hopping   Network Hopping                                    

Confined Space Install   Confined Space Install

Boiler Room    Boiler Room

Detective Net 433 Specification

Size 140 x 76 x 37mm (5.5 x 3 x 1.5ins) (excluding mounting clip)
Weight 7.5kg (16lbs) (excluding mounting clip)
Battery Non-rechargeable, 1 year plus battery life. Shelf life: 2 years
Operating temperature range -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
Humidity 0% and 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) at +40°C
Ingress protection IP65 and IP67
Wireless range Typically 70m dependent upon physical location and environmental conditions but up to 100m possible
Maximum devices Maximum number of devices in a network is 25
Approvals IECEX: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga Tamb -20°C to +55°
ATEX: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga Tamb -20°C to +55°C
Compliance EN 300220-2 V2.3.3 (2010-02)EN301489-3v1.4.1 EN301489-1v1.9.2 EN50270:2006 (Type 1) EN60950-1:2006+A12:2011 IEC60950-1:2005 2nd Edition: A1:2009
Available frequencies 433MHz
Country Approvals
(wide range available,
speak to your local crowcon
IDA Approval
Registration Number: N2177-13
Crowcon Connect Compatible? No


Radio frequency 433 MHz certified in:

Austria Finland Latvia Slovakia
Belgium France Lithuania Slovenia
Bulgaria Germany Malta Spain
Cyprus Greece Netherlands Sweden
Czech Republic Hungary Norway Switzerland
Denmark Iceland Poland Singapore
UK Ireland Portugal Trinidad and Tobago
Estonia Italy Romania United Arab Emirates
Brunei Qatar