Crowcon and Incotech: Protecting Romanian people, places and businesses from Gas Hazards

The Need – RequirementsIncotech

At Crowcon we know that gas detection can make the difference between life and death, and we work with partner businesses around the world to bring gas monitoring and detection technologies to many countries. In Romania, our service partner, Incotech, has a long track record of bringing Crowcon’s cutting-edge gas detection and alarm solutions to customers across that country. Incotech’s clients include multiple oil and gas enterprises (including the largest oil and gas producer in south-east Europe), private and academic laboratories, and Romania’s national disaster response network. Established in 1993, Incotech has provided, installed and maintained Crowcon products and systems for many years. The company has watched the development and implementation of new technologies with interest, particularly in recent years. ‘We are highly familiar with Crowcon products and often recommend them to our clients,’ explains Pirva Valentin, manager at Incotech. ‘That’s why a new form of innovation – Crowcon Connect – has been so helpful for us. Now, we don’t just have great products; we can also track, monitor and maintain Crowcon portable detectors more effectively than ever, and we share the benefits with our customers.’

Better data, more insight with Crowcon Connect

Crowcon Connect is Crowcon’s own software, which works with all existing and new Crowcon portable gas detectors to automatically download and store the data they collect, and present this information in an easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard display makes it easy for managers and other authorised users to see which devices have been exposed to which gases and at what levels (they can also see which user was carrying the device at each point). Crowcon Connect lets managers track device locations and users; plan, optimise and implement maintenance schedules and make sure that enough working devices are available wherever and whenever they are needed. Because Crowcon has created Crowcon Connect in-house, we can even create bespoke versions for our customers, including those we serve via our service partners. Like many of our partner businesses, Incotech often maintains fleet devices for clients. For example, the company provides and maintains 50 Gas-Pro CH4 /CO/O2 (pumped) and a further 50T4 CH4/CO/O2 .portables for the Romanian volunteer emergency response force. Like many gas detector fleets, these devices are spread across multiple locations and used by a variety of personnel at different times. Meanwhile, Incotech must keep meticulous calibration and maintenance records to specified national standards, and submit these regularly for compliance inspection.

Crowcon Connect makes fleet maintenance easier and more effective

For Incotech, using Crowcon Connect makes this type of complex service provision much more straightforward, and it adds lots of value for both Incotech and their clients. ‘For us, Crowcon Connect is great because we can see at a glance which devices are due for calibration or require other maintenance,’ explains Pirva Valentin. ‘It’s much, much easier than creating and searching manual records. We also have data for every episode of use, which makes it easy to prove regulatory compliance.’ What is more, Crowcon Connect allows Incotech to provide an even better service to its clients. ‘Crowcon Connect can reduce the number of devices lost and it is easy to associate users and their devices. It gives our customers lots of data and business insight. Perhaps most importantly, Crowcon Connect lets users spot patterns of risk before an event occurs, so it really does keep people, places and businesses safer. It’s a great innovation and because Crowcon refine it in light of user feedback, it’s getting better all the time. If you’d like to learn more about Crowcon Connect, please visit Crowcon Connect.

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