Water Server and Support


Crowcon has supplied and actively supports a large water company in the North West of England’s fleet of over 1100 personal gas monitors. This fleet includes multi-gas and single-gas units which require regular service and calibration, carried out at designated facilities within their geographic supply territory.

Requirement and Approach

Since 2007 Crowcon has held the supply and support contract for personal monitors with the current contract having at least 3 more years to run. Within their current contract, the business has dedicated account and service support, asset status reports, data consolidation of event logs, extended warranty and remote service and local repairs at their own facilities.

As a UK manufacturer, Crowcon is uniquely placed to offer tailored support packages. The contract with the water company is a great example of this and the detail below is included to offer an example of Crowcon’s ability to work directly with end users.

Outcome and Benefits

Within the business’ supply area are 14 major depots which act as the remote service locations for their fleet of personal monitors. On a routinely basis, Crowcon service personnel will spend time at each of these locations to perform a 6 month service. These service visits are scheduled 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability of monitors. Due to the high level of detail Crowcon holds in relation to the fleet of monitors, spare parts are organised in advance of the service visits minimising potential down-time.

The regular service includes a full inspection of the personal monitor to ensure correct operation, calibration of all sensors and a review of any other consumable parts (e.g. battery). At the same time repair or replacement work is carried out and the event logs of monitors are downloaded. These are consolidated by Crowcon and delivered back to the business directly in order to provide information on usage and alarm events to the management team.

Crowcon also maintains an active database of activity by personal monitor including sensor replacement schedules, warranty periods, service and repairs information. This means that the team is able to rely upon Crowcon to actively management their fleet of personal monitors, while providing detailed information on current status and expected requirements.

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