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Crowcon US Service Centre and Field Team

Our US Service is fully equipped to offer comprehensive support for Crowcon and Telegan Gas Monitoring products. We sell our range of portable and fixed products through a distribution network. Please contact us for details on your nearest distributior.Crowcon US

Our in-house turn-round time for our instruments, both Crowcon and Telegan is normally around 3-5 days and a 6-monthly service and calibration is also available.

To back up the Service Department and further support our customers and sales teams, our Customer Support Team includes technical specialists who can provide information and advise on all aspects of gas detection.

Crowcon US Service Packages

We won’t cut corners. Safety can’t be compromised. At Crowcon, we recognise how critical it is that all portable and fixed systems are kept in perfect working order. What’s more, we ensure that the specification, siting and installation of every system is expertly carried out, and staff properly trained in system operation. Every time.

Our Service Contract gives you all this and more.

Priority service if a repair is needed. Full compliance with all relevant legislation. A value for money solution, providing maximum confidence and protection of your investment.

We offer service plans on a per customer basis.

In North America, any repair quotation that is denied is subject to a $45 evaulation fee. No evaluation fee is charged if the repair quote is accepted.

Payment Options

We accept Visa and Mastercard as a method of payment. We do not set up credit accounts for any company that will do less than $5,000 a year.

Additional Notes

Crowcon US does not sell Gas-Tec, Gasseeker, IRmax, IREX or Vortex FP.