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Portable Detectors

  How do I request an "Activation Code" for my software?

You will need your initial code found on the activation page of the software, your order number for the licence, contact details. Once you have this information then please contact customer support via [email protected] or by phone +44 (0)1235 55 77 11.

  Why isn't my Gas-Pro charging?

The Gas-Pro is most likely charging, if the Gas-Pro has gone into deep discharge the display will not show the instrument charging symbol until it has been charging for 10+ minutes and the button has been pressed after this time. You will then see the charging symbol and the red LED flash.

  How do I functionally check my Portable Gas detector?

Crowcon offer a number of functional test options form simple spray gases to automated systems see I-Test Bump testing for further details

Fixed Detectors

  If I have a flameproof fixed detector (Ex) can I make it "intrinsically safe" (IS) by using a zener barrier or galvanic isolator?

No, a flameproof detector "safety protection" cannot be changed by using a zener barrier or galvanic isolator of any sort. It can only be used as a flameproof device.

  If I have a "intrinsically safe" (IS) fixed detector do I need a zener barrier or galvanic isolator when used in a hazardous zoned area 0, 1 or 2 for example?

Yes you must use a zener barrier or a galvanic isolator to comply with the detectors certification requirements.A zener barrier or Galvanic isolator must be used when a "intrinsically safe" (IS) detector is used in a hazardous zoned area.