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Software Downloads

This page provides links to useful software downloads.

General support information:


Open Access software

Note: Some functionallity with these versions of software requires a upgrade licence:

  • Portables Pro 2 - For use with T4 & Gas-Pro (Version 2.1.7)
    • (Click HERE to view an important Technical Note regarding T4 Firmware and Portables Pro 2 Software versions)
  • DetectorsPC - For use with IRMAX only (Version
  • Detectors-Pro - For use with XgardIQ only (Version 1.0.0)
  • Panels-Pro - For use with Gasmaster, Vortex & Gasmonitor+ (Version 1.0.7)


The following software does not require a licence:

  • I-Test Manager - For use with I-Test only (CD Image V5 - Software Version




For other product software such as for PortablesPC for Tetra 3, Gasman, Triple Plus + etc please contact your local Crowcon office or email [email protected] for further assistance


Sprint eVo & Sprint V software

For the Sprint-Pro software click on the link below to download:



Remote Software Support

Click on the "Remote Support" button below to run the "Teamviewer Quick Support" application.

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