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Detect and protect against carbon dioxide - Gasman

Carbon dioxide (CO2) occurs widely in the drinks industry. It has the potential to kill, but not everyone is aware of the true nature of the risk. Reliance on oxygen alarms to monitor the presence of carbon dioxide has previously led to fatalities.

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Gas-Pro IR: Sensor selection - getting it right for flammable gases

In most circumstances, with correct maintenance, pellistors are a reliable, cost-effective means of monitoring for flammable levels of hydrocarbons. In some cases, they are the technology of choice.

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Correction factors - correcting for the hazards of VOCs
Gas-Pro PID

Reliable Protection: Low Levels of VOCs Pose High Risks. The Gas-Pro PID multigas detector monitors up to five specific gases including VOCs, which are detected in concentrations as low as a few parts-per-million using Crowcon's proprietary PID correction factor.

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Gas-Pro PID: VOCs - a very real danger

How safe is safe? Increased awareness of the toxicity of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has led to lowered exposure limits. These tend to be significantly below the alarm levels set for personal gas detectors monitoring for an explosive hazard.

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Gas-Pro PID: Protection from harmful VOCs

Not all Gas Detectors are Created Equal. There are many different technologies used for monitoring and detecting VOCs in the working environment but, for personal detectors, the choice narrows to just two: pellistors or photo-ionisation detection (PID). PID technology is superior to pellistor sensors, which cannot detect low-level VOCs

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