Crowcon receive ISO 14001 accreditation!

Crowcon has recently achieved ISO 14001 certification. A first for us, and an achievement that will show our commitment to helping the environment.

Our guest blogger this week, Lucy, explains the importance of looking after our environment and what ISO14001 means in terms of working as a business.

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How best to study cow burps?

We have covered some serious subjects over the past few weeks, so I thought this time I would talk about something a little bit more light-hearted, at least on the face of it.

Back in January of this year, there were reports from Germany of an explosion – a herd of cows nearly took the roof off their barn because of the amount of methane they were releasing, when a static electric charge caused it to explode. The blast damaged the roof of the barn and one cow (out of about 90) received minor burns.

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