Our Partnership with Point Safety 


Point safety Ltd are one of the UK’s leading gas safety consultants with 20 years of experience, knowledge and background in the instrumentation industry. Founded in 2011 by their current Managing Director, Point Safety now specialise in sectors such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, utilities and telecommunication, providing a range of industries, supplying, installing and maintenance of bespoke solutions and the service and supply of test equipment. Point Safety provide constancy to their customers as they believe that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ nor does one solution just have to be ‘fit for purpose’.

Views on Gas Detection

In regards to portable gas detection being an essential piece of equipment when detecting toxic or explosive gasses as well as measuring gas concentration. Point Safety put customers at the forefront of gas detection, they believe that gas detection not only protects their customers plants and processes but more importantly it helps to prevent injury, thereby helping to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of its workers. Through the supply and support of Crowcon our portable instruments, this allows Point Safety’s customers to have the freedom to have reliable, efficient service with the confidence and knowledge that the equipment being provided allows for the protection of workers and their employees. Therefore, turnaround is important to Point Safety, ensuring that they provide a quick and effective service turnaround for all units is an essential, thereby ensuring minimal downtime and increased customer satisfaction.

As Point Safety provide the supply, installation and maintenance of the bespoke solutions, the implementation and servicing of their fixed systems that are provided nationwide are vital to their customers. Point Safety are confident that the continuous monitoring of these systems ensures not only our customers and their employee’s lives are safe but also that of their surroundings.

Working with Crowcon

Through continuous communication of knowledge and expertise with Point Safety, our partnership will allow for the supply of gas detection instruments to ensure the safety to those working within the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, utilities and telecommunication industries.

“We have a great long-standing relationship with Point Safety with them now a trusted partner in the North. Point Safety offers outstanding service to our end users and are extremely knowledgeable on Crowcon products” – Katherine Winter, Northern Account Manager. Our partnership, Point Safety allow for the distributors of Crowcon products throughout the UK, in portable and fixed gas detectors/systems. Our partnership also has enabled Point Safety to become a Crowcon calibration site, with all their engineers being fully trained and certified to Crowcon standards. “Point Safety Ltd are extremely proud to be associated with Crowcon, the leaders in gas detection systems, not only in the UK but worldwide. Their expertise, knowledge, first class product range together with their total support is second to none.” – Dawn Beever, Head of Sales and Marketing.