Chlorine dioxide


Chlorine dioxide is an orange to yellow coloured gas, with a strong chlorine smell. It is known for its disinfectant and antibacterial characteristics, specifically its capacity to cleanse drinking water and destroy bacteria.

Orange to yellow coloured gas, with a strong chlorine smell.

Harmful in large volumes, causing the most harm to the skin, nervous system, eyes, and respiratory system.

For skin that has been exposed to chlorine dioxide, immediate sanitation procedures should begin, to cleanse the skin with water and/or mild soap.

Download our Chlorine dioxide factsheet and:
  • Discover how to know when you’ve been exposed to ClO2
  • Learn what steps to take to protect your team
  • Understand how to detect, measure and report ClO2
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Products for Chlorine dioxide Detection
Portable detectors

A multi gas detector offering 5 gas support as well as a dedicated pre-entry check mode and optional pump feature.

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A compact and fully ruggedised single gas detector for the toughest of industrial environments.

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Multi-gas monitor for temporary areas.

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Fixed detectors

Fixed multi gas detector.

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Xgard Bright

Addressable fixed head detector with OLED display.

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